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Animal Graphics by House of, Something in Store for Animal Lovers

Welcome to the Art Jungle! offers you a deep insight into our carefully handpicked species depicted in vector graphics. As it is said, Expression connects better than anything else. Only by showing expression, individual assets can be shown such as taste and creativity. Being humans, every single one of us has astonishingly unique personalities. Yes if you are creative, you can be inspired from almost anything. Art is an effective way to satisfy your hunger for creativity and express your interest, or yourself. Creating something to express your concern always leads to something relaxation and joy while doing something beautiful for others.

Speaking of expressing yourself, the relation between us and animals have been highlighted for centuries. This focus has become an avid interest of art. Some notable representations of animals in arts can be traced back to stone-age. This shows it was first metaphors and acted as ritualistic stand in and has been transformed as cultural norm (see black cats and night wolves). The natural world influence realms of our life but despite of this, the animals remain dominant for being symbolic. In the past decades, their treatment is quested and the concepts of animal rights have been introduced. The art helps to show this in a number of ways!

Moreover, artists try to address several issues related to animal presence along with how we treat them and are unknowingly destroying it. Presenting animals in art is not only limiting to portraying them but also contouring their life, their culture and traditions. This lets the drawing of parallels concepts as well as the subjugation of them. realizing these important facts have seen to its best effort to bring these elements in our work. For example, account the work done to portray cats in packs such as Stylized Cats, Black Cats, Stylish cats and Cartoon Cats speaks of the might roles that cats can play if they are cared at home, beliefs in taboo and other such aspects. We have tried to take our toll of how these brilliant species barn artistic subjects.

With our animal category, we tried to explore complexity of nature while helping you understand it. By adding the significance to sense of reflexivity, used elements such as traditions, symbolism and sensibilities in order to highlight their spiritual adherence with us. In addition, we also tried to show the interactions of city dwelling animals with people who just live by them,

Trying to explore the animal`s relationship with city along it its geometrics and inorganic build. How the animals at last get used to them. We have tried our best to show this in a tragic but full of life way, as you can see in the vector graphics, we have not just one romanticism to render these species. First we have learned about their complexity more than the preset state. While doing it, we tried to portray it in versatility with keep it a bit reflexive affection in the imbalance us humans have created.

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